Pgslot Pirate Slot Game That will take you on a treasure hunt, Captain bouty

Pgslot offers online slot games. With a playful theme Make you forget the same

old theme slot games because this slot game Comes in the form of Pirate

Captain Bounty, the pirate that will take you to the trench To go treasure

hunting And plunder other people’s ships The game has an interesting symbol,

the visuals of the Captain bouty slot are pretty pleasing to the players who have played it. Because it is not boring And it’s a game played Like being a captain Because you will have to hunt for treasure Come as yours as possible If ready to hunt for treasure Lots of money and let’s go.
This online slot game has a 3 × 5 slot format and if the game symbol is free. You will be able to play up to 10 free games when playing free games. You will find the multiplication feature of more rewards above the wheel will give you a lot of free game rewards.
And during rotation You will find a multiplier. Will start from multiplying 1 in the first round if winning the first round. You get the multiplier. Add it to a multiple of 2. Can get rewards up to 5 times If you win consecutively Which is a game that makes a lot of money for the players PGSLOT

If you do not want a slot game with good payouts There is an additional prize multiplier every round when you win. Introducing Captain Bouty slot game. The more money you earn every round you can hunt